"first we started storing everything, and everyone dismissed that as fine because they can't analyze it, then we started analyzing it and people said oh but its just for corporate surveying of markets, and then the government started taking things out of those databases. And then year by year, the government seemed to get more and more friendly with very specific telecoms. And those telecoms seemed to get more and more "Okay" with these warrants" - CyberYeti

Information Surveillance Singularity

CyberYeti: knowing the current reality of the internet is that internet companies are served warrants from secret FISA courts that are overarching and super broad, I am not entirely comfortable that the FCC now takes the opinion that it was a mistake for it to interfere when comcast
CyberYeti: and in a legal climate where those warrants are going on, and in an atmosphere where the cable companies are more receptive to those kinds of warrants if it makes them money
CyberYeti: I am not sure it is good to financially incentivize being biased with traffic
CyberYeti: because to be biased with traffic, you need to buy very expensive high end deep packet inspecting hardware
CyberYeti: and to get meaningful data from that deep inspection, you need to store it on huge data platforms
Guest442: usa citizens are greatly benefiting from trump, don’t buy into the left wing media
CyberYeti: well, there's problems there too, GJ
CyberYeti: If we were getting the free market that would be one thing
CyberYeti: but our ISPs and cable companies have legally mandated monopolies
CyberYeti: crony capitalism is worse than socialism
CyberYeti: the reason why is because at least socialist run programs someone runs for election to control it
CyberYeti: where crony capitalism is social money spent on people that don't care about social interests
CyberYeti: yes but it wasn't provided for with government money in the way the cable and internet companies get
CyberYeti: only companies like verizon can take billions in grants and tax credits from federal and local governments alike to deliver fiber
CyberYeti: then not deliver the amount of fiber they promised
CyberYeti: throw that money into cell phone tower expansion
CyberYeti: and then bitch about how unfairly they are treated
CyberYeti: sorry, didn't mean to curse
CyberYeti: but that's what we are living with
CyberYeti: right, and they charge for it when they build what they build
CyberYeti: and own it forever
CyberYeti: and have these legal protections so they never compete
CyberYeti: and then moan about the death of free market capitalism when the public says they want something for all that
CyberYeti: and the surveillance concerns are less about their freedom to me and more about mine
CyberYeti: when government takes things from private databases that are made to get info to sell you stuff, its even better than those FISA warrants
CyberYeti: because then they can analyze whatever they want and only 'pull it out' when they need something specific
CyberYeti: and thus can always respond to a FOIA request of what information they gather with the answer of "We have no records"
CyberYeti: because it is in a private database
CyberYeti: and when it comes to matters of the internet and the way things have changed over the last decade in how the government deals with it, I feel like people are woefully uninformed
CyberYeti: everything about google maps navigational data is informed and controlled by deep machine learning that is bootstrapped to aggregate its own data
CyberYeti: the same will be true when comcast gets all of their sandvine gear
CyberYeti: which can forward traffic and information about traffic based on intelligent queries
CyberYeti: to sell you things first and foremost, and to influence your buying behavior
CyberYeti: but behind that there will be the tyrants
CyberYeti: I'm not calling comcast the devil or nefarious really
CyberYeti: I'm saying the cable and communications industry has been very receptive to tyrannical laws because they benefit from legislative protections
CyberYeti: their business model depends on tyranny
CyberYeti: and what I do with the data does fit your definition of an aggregator
CyberYeti: that isn't the way google gets its map data and not the way google knows what is on the internet however
CyberYeti: good has built neural networks that mimic biology to weight and process raw input
CyberYeti: google can 'see' websites
CyberYeti: but the machines can crowdsource themselves and now can even build eachother for subtasks
CyberYeti: no but with enough data into a machine learning system you can train a machine to answer a question like how likely is it that this user is into one of several pornographic content categories
CyberYeti: you can ask a question like show me what questionable material an individual views
CyberYeti: and it knows just the machine to query for which ips and hostnames belong to what categories of things
CyberYeti: and what traffic flow patterns look like those things
CyberYeti: because switches from all over the country are feeding this machine learning system their flows